We are proud to bring you VINYLIFE, an enhanced biodegradable and breathable PVC that will change the interior design industry forever. The unrivaled durability of PVC has made it the preferred vinyl material for hospitality, contract, healthcare, and residential use. Until now, these markets lacked environmentally conscious PVC. To create VINYLIFE, we incorporated enzymes into the vinyl that react with microorganisms found in active landfills, acting as the catalyst for its decomposition. Microscopic pores make this groundbreaking luxury vinyl breathable, allowing for temperature control and a soft hand. We have combined the best of PU and PVC to create a luxury vinyl product that is both environmentally ethical and aesthetically inspiring.


Vinylife is produced in Chile and Brazil at our technologically advanced mills that specialize in eco-friendly synthetic material. Driven by their passion for creating safe and reliable products, our mill technicians produce over 800,000 yards of enhanced biodegradable PVC a month. We understand the fast pace nature of the interior design world which is why as a mill direct source we consistently deliver within 4-6 weeks. Creating a product that is environmentally conscious while adhering to the technical needs of growing and demanding industries is what makes us special. Eco-friendly product, in budget, on time, the beauty of going mill direct.